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Our greatest pretenses are built up not to hide the evil and the ugly in us, but our emptiness. The hardest thing to hide is something that is not there.Eric Hoffer, author of “The True Believer”

IndyPat has tracked down viewer metrics on TRUE DETECTIVE and they’re off the charts! The truly devoted true believers of the series are watching each episode up to 15 times! Sadly, I am in that group. After my writing session today, I’m going to go back and post something I noticed in Episode 2 that has me chasing my tail in circles. Before I went off to work, I thought I would post a few of my favorite unified universe theories floating in the ethosphere.

One of my favorites comes from Reddit’s fliesfishy. A Unified Realist (Non-Cult) Theory suggesting it’s just greed, a child sex trafficking ring, and bad parenting. I love this theory because it’s so comprehensive and it rolls everything from the narrative into it. It even explains the Truck Stop and the Chemical Plants in the opening title sequence. Billy Lee Tuttle is definitely involved but mostly as a conduit. Reddit’s answerstoidiots supports this theory by pointing out the TRUE DETECTIVE narrative resembles Nebraska’s Franklin Child Abuse Scandal. Read it and weep. It’s so damn good. Side note: It is hard to quote someone with a name like AnswersToIdiots.

Green Eyed Spaghetti Monster

Errol, the Lawnmower Man sure resembles the Green Eared Spaghetti Monsterfrom the case file!

IndyPat and FliesFishy and Paraforce all think Errol, the Lawnmower Man, is pivotal to the story. IndyPat located a photo in PARAFORCE’S Reddit thread (to the right) to affirm that visually! I have two thoughts on Errol. First, he’s a lawnmower man so he can’t have that much power, can he? I noticed that he said he worked for “The Parish” not the Church. I don’t know if that’s significant, I just notice it. Second, that doesn’t mean he’s not involved and there is an uncanny resemblance. So, he could very well be a cog in the machine that swoops up these children and delivers them to their abusers/killers. If the schools are the feeders and the truckers are transporting them and the yellow fathers and yellow chemical plants may indeed be served by a man like Errol.

Okay, I’ve GOT to get to writing. This sure is inspirational though!

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  • I would like to note something about the screen grab I sent Cyndi of the sketch/mower man.
    I did not make that screen grab. It was sent to me second hand.
    My guess is that it was done by one of the dedicated folks over @ reddit, which is a hotbed of TD discussion right now.
    I just wanted to clarify that its not my work and I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, just an excellent grab that supports my theory de jour and I just have no way of giving due credit.
    If you did this grab, shoot Cyndi a note and I am sure she’d be glad to atrib.
    Nice work, too!

  • Hey Patrick … I left the IMGUR address on top so folks could find the originator of this piece. I’ll dog it down and add it to the post!

  • Cyndi, thanks for that. Heaven knows I do not want to incur the wrath of Reddit. I got enough problems to desk with, what with all these gators swimming in the mud all around us.
    Also, specific to this post topic…chalk me down as a member of the “Un-Unified Multi-Cult Theory” camp.
    Rust said “Dora was just chum in the water” and I believe him.
    She was a statewide APB for all local cults.
    And they are responding. Black Stars are rising.

  • Cyndi, Fascinating read! I live in Omaha Nebraska and while watching True Detective, I too recognized a correlation to the Franklin Scandal. I remember it well. Thank you so much. Looking froward to more

  • Well written, I also saw a correlation between this episode, the Franklin cover up, and the activities at the Bohemian Club. You can read our article at

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