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[Coughing] You know Carcosa?” —

Miss Delores, former domestic for Sam Tuttle

Miss Delores Knows Carcosa

Miss Delores knows Carcosa and tells Rust to rejoice because Death is not the end.

My TRUE DETECTIVE insanity has reached a new level and, I should be taking Fi’s admonition to Rust, I should be afraid. I have now taken to looking for SRT text files (subtitles) for each episode so I can make certain I am getting every word right. When Miss Delores was speaking in this episode, she says much of her dialog off-camera, so I couldn’t see for sure what she was saying.

The format above is how subtitle files are made (something I very recently learned how to do for subtitling a film I’ve been working on). Each entry has an identifying number, the duration based on the timecode, and the dialogue or description. This week, it amused me to notice that entry 666 was Miss Delores asking Rust and Cohle if they knew Carcosa.

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  • CG-
    I’m totally and completely sure it was an accident…and can be explained in terms more palatable to those lacking an apetite for wonder and the mysterious….poor bastards. Swamp gas, maybe….ahem.
    Anyway, that was truely interesting as I lack that type of film makers inside knowledge.
    I have been reviewing episodes on HBO GO for iPad w/ CC on. Helps with some if the thicker Cajun dialog. It’s also great for grabbing screen shots.
    I have a friend that got a degree in film making at University of Memphis. I’ll pass this on to him, I think he’d appreciate that kind if info. He’s getting ready to head down to SXSW; I’m sure it will be buzzing with talk of True Detective. He said he’d be on the Road when the final episode airs…and that I’m not to break radio silence until he’s able to get back and see it on DVR.

    Did you notice that the minute Deloris (hard for me to type that because of a poison seed Jerry Signfield planted in my head about that name and the only thing it rhymes with) saw the Taxmans ledger and sketch, it was as if someone threw a switch in her mind. Almost like…a trigger…
    I also 86.4% sure “Fi’s” earrings form a coil.

  • Hello Patrick,
    I am certain the 666 was a coincidence. I am just marveling at my own madness in Carcosa since I am studying SRT subtitle files now. I have succumbed to the depth of the disease and now I welcome it! Revel in it! Rejoice in it (to quote our friend Dolores). It’s too bad Seinfeld has ruined the name for us all. In Spanish, DOLOR is pain, DOLORES is pains. It’s a wonderful name for this woman who served Sam Tuttle. The images in Rust’s book did totally trigger her memory. It was freaky. Can’t tell on Fi’s earrings. The costumers, set designers, and property masters are doing any amazing job on this thing.

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