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“I think Rust knew EXACTLY what Maggie was doing there. Do you know why Maggie was there? I do. If you say, to put the final nail in the coffin that was her marriage, I’d say you are correct…but only on the most obvious and superficial level.” — IndyPat

Maggie – Michelle Monaghan

TRUE DETECTIVE episode 3: Michelle Monaghan. photo: Michele K. Short

So, I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with IndyPat about the significance of the symbols, the books, and Maggie’s role in TRUE DETECTIVE. I can say that it was IndyPat who “spoiled” Maggie for me. I was really liking her. I thought she was kind to rust and seemed to pay attention. She had a hound dog for a husband. I was a smitten kitten. And, then, IndyPat shattered my infatuation. I’m posting some of his most compelling Maggie arguments for your consideration!

#1 — MAGGIE IS A MOLE AND RUST’S MINDER — Was the fact that it smashed Marty & Rust’s relationship “unintended” fallout of her nuclear option? I don’t think all. I think that was the prime motive. She was sick of being Marty’s “minder” for the conspirators she is most certainly in cahoots with. No one…any where I go on this topic, seems to question how Marty just “happens” to meet the under age prostitute he made his down payment on way back when. He was carrying what I guess was a T Mobile ad and a shopping (honey-do) list with him as he got out of the car that day. This new, on the wagon Marty…this emasculated Marty…on his Tampon buying excursion. Maggie! Maggie made him the list…Tampons and a new cell phone. Here is the list..I think she knew, through here nameless co-conspirators, where Marty was to go to meet his new “minder”. One he could not possibly resist. It’s all there. The writer of the show said in an interview that the series is not trying to trick you. It’s all there in the first 6 episodes, if you let yourself look. Maggie…is as much as a mole as the police (excluding Marty, the clueless dupe in this tale, that willfully ignores,what is transporting right under his sizable nose) that Rust is surrounded by. He helped Maggie set off her nuke because he realized that his role as overt detective at LA CID had exhausted its usefulness in pursuit of the case. So blow it to hell and see how the other players act in the fall out and go “off grid”. So…Maggie and the teensiest bop prostitute are Tuttle WellSpring Program Alumni, in my read.”

#2 — MAGGIE COACHES THE GIRLS — Anyone who thinks Maggie is a victim in this, isn’t paying attention. When the fuck are we going to really discuss 5 GI Joes surrounding a naked Barbie? When are we really going to discuss the 7 yr old girls sketch version of the Kama Suthra? Maggie makes only a half-assed attempt at getting to the bottom of it. What mom do you know wouldn’t hit the roof over those two issues? Marty? A cop…shrugging it off? Glaringly obvious signs of adolescent sexualization and it just falls to the wayside like she got caught smoking a cigarette or something. I challenge anyone to watch re-watch the scene of Marty, Maggie and the daughter on the couch discussing the drawing. Ignore Marty, because he obviously has less important things to be doing, like watching sports. Pay attention to what the little girl is saying, how she is saying it and most important…pay attention to the eye contact between mother and daughter,

Maggie and Marty Confront Audrey

Maggie and Marty Confront Audrey about her drawings. Maggie says, “It makes something that is supposed to be nice – ugly.” Notice how yellow the scene.

If the child’s dialog about the drawings wasn’t coached directly from Maggie, I’ll kiss your ass. It’s right there…the girls eyes say “am I saying this right, mommy” and Maggie’s eyes say “yes, your doing fine, honey..keep going just like we talked about and don’t forget to cry at the end of it” Amazing acting. It’s there if you’ll look. Maggie…ain’t what she seems. Maggie is no victim. When she rides Marty about being absent, it’s not that she wants to be with him, it’s that she doesn’t want him on the case. She hates Marty. She is his “minder” for someone else. Marty’s mistress is the same…all she ever does is pump him for info on the case…after she pumps him for real. Ditto Beth, our under age prostitute who arrives out of the blue. Just some eye candy that Marty can’t resist. If he’s not giving Maggie info anymore, someone has to be his new minder for pillow talk on the case. Who arranged that? Why did Marty need a new phone? Maybe it was on the shopping list along with the tampons. Maggie directed Marty to his new minder. Maggie checked the phone to see is he took the bait. Did she seem really mad to you? Nah, she was glad she was that much closer to not have to watch Marty any more. She’s no victim. She uses her body to bust up Marty and Rust with the added benefit of shutting down the investigation and deep-sixing her marriage, all in 10 hot seconds. That pretty much makes the other mistress/minders pikers, by comparison, also note Beth’s dialog outside the bar that ends with her asking him if he wants to go in for some bourbon. Compare that to Rusts interrogation with the first scar faced suspect. Some tact used. You can even note on Marty’s face…a look that suggests..”where have I heard that before”….but it worked on him nonetheless.

Rust's Case Place

Rust’s Case Place

#3 — OUR MISOGYNY AS AN AUDIENCE ASSUMING THE WOMEN ARE NOT INVOLVED — Could be that the ultimate misogyny indictment of us all may be that we’ve been looking for a brutal and evil Yellow King only to find it was a subtle, yet extremely powerful Queen that ruled Carcosa. Just spit balling here, but I’m no misogynist and I know women can be just as powerful as men and just as brutal. There are women involved on the dark team in this. They aren’t puppets or toadies. They are actively working, watching, controlling and manipulating things for some end. I watched the scene again with Marty and Maggie talking to the young daughter about the pictures she drew. Watch it again. Ignore Marty completely (it’s easy to do). What do you see? The eye contact between mom and daughter says that the entire exchange was coached by Maggie. The daughters eyes say “am I saying it right?” Moms eyes say “yes, keep going….and don’t forget to cry at the end to shut the whole thing down”. So subtle. That’s some serious acting right there. Amazing. Marty is in for a shock so tremendous that I doubt seriously if there will be anything left of him. Underneath every thing he has ignored and taken for granted, horrible things have grown. All the while, Rust bears witness. And I am noticing Roses (Maggie’s dresses and the rose bushes around her parents house) more often too. Now ready to add one more Secret Society to my list of suspects. Chew on that one. Complete with Magi link right there on the home page.

Remember Rust’s early statement that Dora Lange was just “chum in the water.”

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