The Yellow King Began with Mardi Gras

The more I read about the history of Mardi Gras and winter festivals, the more convinced I am that I never want to live in Louisiana! Here are a couple of photos purported to be from Instagram accounts from the TRUE DETECTIVE crew. If this is The Yellow King, I hope Cary Fukunaga gives a visual horror of what this would look like coming at you!

Dora Lange's Mother's Photo

Dora Lange’s Mother’s Photo

The Yellow King with Mask

This photo from Instagram of what may be the Yellow King looks more comical than terrifying …

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  • You’d think there’d be signed non-disclosures.

    These are great pics…just rather see them after the end.

  • Hi Pat …

    I think it is possible they just hired the actor for two minor roles because they thought no one would notice. One was a non-speaking, handicapped make who was turned into the sofa. Maybe they were just trying to create a family resemblance because, in the end, it’s a multi-generational, family-based ritual abuse cult. Maybe.

    And, the photos of the Yellow King may actually be simply for the photo shoot for the photo on Dora Lange’s Mother’s table. They may not appear in the finale at all. I’d be surprised if it came into play.


  • No, I was getting more to the lack of control concerning production.
    Crew just instagraming out spoilers left and right.
    If I were the one putting the money and effort into this, I’d have these crew members ass in a sling, leaking this stuff. I’d can them and put them in the carcosa which is the civil court for breaking non disclosure.

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