The True Horror of TRUE DETECTIVE

“Her body is a paraphilic love map. I guarantee you, this wasn’t his first.” — Detective Rustin Cohle at the scene of the 1995 murder of Dora Lange (notice the word CARCOSA in what appears to be blood to the left of the skeleton in the bed in the photograph below)

Welcome to Carcosa

Welcome to Carcosa and Rejoice
Where Him who eats time shows us that Death is not the end.

Early in Episode 1 of TRUE DETECTIVE, Rust tells us that the Dora Lange murder scene was a “Paraphilic Lovemap.” Rust tells Papania and Gilbough that he had to explain that to Marty. The list a paraphilias is extensive. I had no idea there were such things as Dendophilia (sexual arousal with trees), Agalmatophilia (sexual arousal and interest in mannequins, statues or immobility), or Oculolinctus (sexual arousal from licking eyeballs). Necrophilia (dead), pedophilia (children), autoeroticism (sexual asphyxia), piquerism (stabbing or pricking) and frotteurism (rubbing) have all be prominently featured in tv and film, so those were not a surprise. The length of the list was the surprise.

I had never heard of a lovemap prior to this series. (Oh the things I have learned because of TRUE DETECTIVE!). Anyway, the idea of a “lovemap” was first defined in 1980 by John Money, a psychologist, sexologist and author who specialized in sexual identity, biology of gender and sex-reassignment. Money defined a Paraphilic Lovemap as a prediliction when lust is attached to fantasies and practices that are socially forbidden, disapproved, ridiculed, or penalized; sometimes as the result of residual imprinted memories from certain traumatic or unusual episodes from early childhood, or sometimes the result of various physiological anomalies. Money viewed lovemaps as a “triumph” but further research by the U.S. National Institute of Health suggested they were an insistent, preemptively motivated, but ultimately unsuccessful attempts at recovery from sexual degradation. In layman’s terms, the abused becomes the abuser.

Maggie is a White Star

Maggie is a White Star

Given how the story is unfolding with the history of the Tuttle Family, it appears that the “imprinted memories” from certain traumatic episodes from early childhood with an insistent attempt at recovery from sexual degradation is definitely in play.

Several of the REDDIT threads are lamenting that the beginning of the series makes it seem that something supernatural is going on but that it appears that it’s just an average detective show with a “violent, sadistic cult perpetrated by a powerful group.” What is horrifying about TRUE DETECTIVE is that this is “ordinary” and “run of the mill” and “predictable.” Is this sort of multi-generationl, sadistic, paraphilic, sexual abuse cult really that common??

In my digging, I found Ritual Abuse Survivor Website (a site blacklisted by Wikipedia because of the graphic descriptions of rituals), there is a post that is said to be the Story of a Survivor of a Multi-generational Sadistic, Sexual Cult. The description is right out of the TRUE DETECTIVE environment.

The “Survivor” on the site said, “Primary meeting times within the “people” were/are the equinoxes, solstices, moon cycles, planting, harvest and almost all members are agrarians. Ranchers, farmers, farm equipment dealers, veterinarians, forest managers, etc, are interspersed throughout society. When an organization wishes to be secretive, where better than in the middle of thousands of acres of privately owned land, government lands.” This made the whole Mardi Gras, winter celebration, Saturnalia, Lupacanalia, Voudun connection a natural link and location for the show.

The “Survivor” went on to say, “From the age of eight until I was twelve I was used as a sex slave by the people. I was sold by the hour or by the act. My sister and I were photographed having sex together and movies were made. Every person in the people goes through this “tendering” process. Most of my female parts were made during these years, although a few were made by the people for the people. It’s easier for me to speak about the conditioning and violent practices, than the sexual abuse as the latter shattered my psyche.”

The most horrifying thing about TRUE DETECTIVE for me as that this may be more prevalent and real than I had ever thought. The saddest thing is that it is ordinary, boring and predictable. I would rather believe it is only real in TV. Or do we simply accept that Man is the Cruelest Animal?

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