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“You know the “Detective’s Curse?” The solution was right under my nose but I was watching the wrong clues.”Detective Martin Hart

Over the weekend, I read the Nic Pizzolatto’s pilot script for TRUE DETECTIVE and I was surprised at how much of the actual episode was different from that pilot. As a writer, I am intimately familiar with the rewrite. The things you hang onto in the rewrite are the things that matter. The new elements are there to deepen and enhance the heart of what you originally wrote. I actually sat down with the script and the DVR and went through the episode moment by moment.

After I posted yesterday, IndyPat and I got into a conversation about the symbolism and subtext in almost every aspect of the show. He wrote that he had used an anagram solver with the names to see what was hiding in plain sight.


Detective Cohle sees a mystical coil of birds near the abandoned church of Joel Theriot.

He told me that Dora Lange became Road Angel. So, I’m thinking, seriously, did Pizzolatto really use an anagram solver to create his names. Like IndyPat, I had noticed the odd “H” in Cohle’s last name and had already done a search trying to find the root meaning that name with little meaningful success. I know from experience that writers do odd things to help them create their fictional universes. I cast astrological charts for all of my characters just to get a more complex and conflicted character map. That’s odd. So, down the anagram rabbit hole I went.

Plugging names into the Anagram Solver to see what might be lurking in those character names convinced me even more that we live in Rust’s “Flat Circle Time World.” There were often multiple anagram solutions that could potential be meaningful, if I knew where this narrative was actually going.

I found three possibilities for Rustin Cohle. There was the most literal Coils Hunter as the detective who searches for the lost women and girls with the symbols on their bodies. Given Cohle’s search for The Yellow King, both anagrams Ochres Until (like there are Yellow King(s) until he gets involved) and Ochre Insult (as in he’s an insult to the Yellow King(s) and his followers). Both options seemed relevant IF Rust does indeed find The Yellow King(s). I am thinking IndyPat will chime in what he found for Rustin Cohle.

Some of the other anagrams:
Telios de Lorca transformed into Celestial Door.
Reggie LeDoux had only one result. Exiled Gouger. Drop the “x” and you get Deluge Ogre.
Martin Hart returned nothing meaninful.
Maggie Hart became Gather Magi. Meaningful if Maggie is more involved than we currently can see. Is she gathering the wise men?

Like Martin Hart, Billy Lee Tuttle didn’t return anything useful. Given that Salter called Marty Hart a human tampon, I was amused to see Thomas Papania become Aphasia Tampon.

Whether it’s coincidence or the detective’s curse, we won’t know for two more weeks if this meaningful or a bad case of looking in the wrong direction.

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  • I wrote this on your last piece just a minute ago but here’s my take on Rust’s name.

    Rust Cohle = coal and ash

    As in, “Aluminum, ash, it’s like you can smell the psychosphere.”

    psychosphere The sphere or realm of consciousness.
    Found on

    1) The sphere or realm of consciousness
    Found on

    Cohle’s realm is the psychosphere – the realm of consciousness. He even talks about the locked room of the mind.

  • Sorry, should have written:

    Rust Cohle (coal) = aluminum and ash = psychosphere

  • Rust Cohle = Horse Cult. Pretty self explanatory I think :)

  • @ Mark

    Supporting anagram for your take on Rust.

    Rust’s biker name “Crash” resolves to “Chars” and the obvious “ash”


    The writer may as well have named him “Burning Entropy” and saved us some keystrokes, but that would be no fun.

    Interestingly, his biker contact “ginger” resolves to “nigger”.
    Not surprising, considering the his obvious attitude about his dealer captive before the raid in the projects.
    It never seems to end, but I’d say a definite pattern has emerged on the anagram/character name topic.

  • re anagrams: Rust’s full name is Rustin Spencer Cohle and Martin’s is Martin Eric Hart…see first episode, first five minutes. The anagrams would be Leech Incorruptness and Mirth in Rat Race.

  • “Horse Cult” anagram was one I noticed, too.
    I disregarded it…at first…UNTIL I remembered seeing the picture on the wall of Five KKK like riders with a young Dora standing in front of them.
    This was during the interview of Dora’s mom at her house.
    Rust looks at this picture twice, but only took a single cursory note of the bowl of prescription drugs and the Mary/Baby Jesus statue.

  • Ginger to “nigger” is interesting because one thought I keep having while I watch this show is: Where the heck are all the people of color??

  • Telios de Lorca = Celestial Door
    Angel Road (not Road Angel)

  • Thomas Papania is an evangelical minister from Italy whose flock is composed of people in prison. “Papania” also means “priest.” Leroy Salter– a psalter is a book of religious liturgy. Salter also has a stuffed mountain lion in his office–surely this is a connection to the cult, which we know from previews involves the wearing of animal masks.

  • Hate to spit hairs, Mr. Kriptiq…but…imma gonna…as the cool kids say.
    Dora arranges to road. Angel flips to Lange.
    Road Angel. A hooker…or….and angel sacrifice by the side of the road.
    Road Angel also tracks much more closely to the Pilot script work Cyndi kindly brought to light above. Seems they originally wanted her to also have a nice set of black wings along with the rest of her regalia. “Road Angel” also tracks nice with the comment that the Yellow King marks his “angels”. He certainly marked this one.
    However, I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules in the anagram dept.
    You can flip them to what matches the context the closet.
    It just happens that in this case, there’s no need to flip.

  • Playheartmystic

    I’m surprised none of you have mentioned that Marty’s last name, Hart, is the German word for “deer”.

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