Storm Coming on TRUE DETECTIVE

“You know Carcosa? … Him who eats time. Him robes… it’s a wind of invisible voices… Rejoice. Death is not the end.” – Miss Dolores, Sam Tuttles former domestic

There’s a storm coming tonight on TRUE DETECTIVE. Miss Dolores’ wind if invisible voices is going to make himself known. Like most of the TD devotees, I’m re-watching all of the episodes to prepare for the finale. I don’t know how I keep noticing new things but I do!

In Episode One, I watched Danny Fotenot interview more closely and I swear you can hear him say, very clearly, “DIDN’T,” when Marty says he heard Marie Fotenot left with her birth Daddy. Am I hearing things? I don’t think so.

In Episode Two, Dora Lange’s mother says she gets “these storms in her head.” She wails and clutches her head, unable to answer any questions about Her daughter. She says it’s the years in dry cleaning that ruined her ravaged hands and her head.

I’m in The camp with the rest if you who think it may be chemical punishment from The Yellow King to anyone who might have wanted to reveal the truth about what happened to their loved ones. I also thought that Dora’s mother’s hands might have been chemically damaged while cleaning “every trace of evidence from her daughter’s body,” before it was posed in the woods.

The family complicity of the power elite like the Tuttle’s, et. al., may be contrasted with the burden of the disenfranchised families on the Bayou.

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