Argument for Maggie’s Involvement on TRUE DETECTIVE

We see it every week. Every week.

Maggie in the Crosshairs

Maggie in the Crosshairs

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  • Third time watching the show and I saw something I hadn’t seen before. In the scene where Marty walks up to the girls room and they’re playing with the dolls. The five male dolls surround one female doll, but one of the girls (I think the younger) has a female doll in her hand that she puts away when her father comes in. That female doll is no longer in the scene. I get the feeling that she’s the one who is supposed to be talking “You don’t have a mother or father anymore… They died in a car accident.”

  • Anyway, I think the female doll could represent Maggie.

  • Maggie has been involved since childhood. Audrey may have accidently witnessed something; but don’t think she’s ‘in’. Tuttle finds out about Rust/Marty’s plan to re-open the DL investigation. Tuttle commands Maggie to stop them. Her plan: Contact Beth, have her seduce Marty (how did she know to ask him if wanted bourbon? huh??), which gives her, Maggie, an immediate vengeful excuse to ‘do’ RC, which in turn prompts the end of the RC/MH team, and thus the investigation….for years. This solves a couple problems: It gives NP a response to the mysogynystic critiques he’s been a victim of, it fixes the criticism that the Beth side-story was too forced for NP’s standards, and it allows NP to give us a ‘twist’ only allowed by his own stated definition of a twist–i.e. one that was there all along & @ least hinted at if you looked closely. Remember Maggie’s answer when MH calls her a whore: “You don’t know the half of it.”

  • I agree, Brett. I said much of the same on another thread here.

  • As did I. Glad to see others independently validate my own observations.

  • More and more I think we’ll see Maggie ‘unmasked'; but what about……Errol unmasked? There’s a shot of the cemetary scene taken by a crew member which appeared that there was a mask being applied to Errol as he sat on the mower. Could it be that the scars he lives with are covered by some kind of mask? The one scene we know to have taken place in TKIY (the play referenced by same name) is that the people are shocked that the main character wasn’t wearing a mask! What if, in our show, in our TKIY, the killer actually is wearing one….Just a thought. therer may be many during the course of this day. #poisoncreosote

  • I watched episode 7 again last night (because apparently you cannot watch TRUE DETECTIVE enough) and I was struck by Marty saying, “Be careful what you get good at.”

    Michelle Monaghan is such a fantastic actress. In the scene where Marty tells her that he’s going to help Rust, you can see her trying to look casual as her fear rises. “Are you going to help him?” She asks it with such forced calm … her inner terror rising.

    They will have to put me in a rubber room with Kelly if Maggie’s family isn’t involved. I’ll be in a state of hysterical catatonia.

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