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BIG LOVE to show LDS Endowment Ceremony

Many Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are up in arms because the HBO series BIG LOVE plans to depict an Endowment Ceremony on an upcoming episode. Growing up Roman Catholic, I can attest that the religion was often the object of humor, perhaps ridicule, on television and in film. The Jewish faith was lambasted even more frequently. This reminds me of the episode of SEINFELD when Jerry was outraged because another comedian changed faiths so he could have the “right” to make fun of it. Everyone is so uptight about “their” chosen faith. The outrage of the Mormons only makes everyone want to poke at them more.

On the DESERET NEWS website, there was an article about the upcoming episode … one of the commenters said it far more succinctly and eloquently than I can …

Respect??? | 8:12 a.m. March 13, 2009
So it’s okay for the LDS to butt into the issue of gay marriage in CA, misrepresent the issues to maximize the scare factor, then claim that they were just acting out of love for gay people and nobody should take any offense because they were only exercising their constitutional rights.

And it’s also okay for LDS to continue baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims posthumously because it’s part of the church’s core doctrines, and once again, it’s only done out of love so nobody should take any offense.

Now, let HBO exercise its constitutional right to air the LDS temple endowment, and go to great length and expense to ensure it’s accurately portrayed, and showing as much respect as possible while still staying true to the story line, and now the LDS are all about respect for others and the right to be left alone to practice their most sacred beliefs in private.

Whether the producers of Big Love are acting as part of a personal vendetta or not, you can’t say you didn’t ask for just what you’re getting.

Cooling in the Pines

Phoenix has been a BLAST FURNACE for a few weeks now. The temperatures are hovering near 114° as the sun blazes like the tip of blowtorch. We humans cling to our air conditioned spaces and only venture outdoors if there’s a swimming pool within twenty paces of the door. Summer is the time to get things done in The Valley of the Stunned. Who wants to be outside?

So, no surprise, I’m heading north with my pal, Elisa, to spend some time cooling in the pines of Flagstaff. The altitude, the breezes, the smell of pine and a little time to focus on the trajectory of my life.

The last six months, we’ve been working on an exciting and compelling documentary. It’s on the establishment, mormonsmexicofamily.jpgexpansion and exodus of the Mormon Colonies in Mexico. One of the major elements of the film is the influence of polygamy on the settlement of the desert southwest. I am amazed at how much of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico was settled because of the Mormon effort to locate land where they could practice polygamy without governmental interference. Initially, the unsettled, undeveloped western territories were ideal but, then, the passage of several laws and increased efforts at prosecution pushed the polygamous Mormons south of the U.S. border. Those people who settled those colonies are the focus of this documentary. Looking forward to finishing it up and moving on to the next thing. Hope to use the time in the woods to find more clarity on all of that and what sort of film and animation projects come next.

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