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In The Know with JD Disalvatore

If it’s gay in LA, you can be certain that JD Disalvatore knows all about it, is letting everyone know through her website The Smoking Cocktail and, if it’s an important event, either be attending or hosting the event! She’s got the pulse on everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) that’s happening in town.

JD Disalvatore Honored by GLAAD

JD Disalvatore Honored by GLAAD

Recently she started The Top Ten Gay Stories of the Week on her blog. Fabulous.

Did you know they’re making a biopic of LIBERACE’s life starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Did you know Ilene Chaiken is casting for her new show? Did you know openly-gay Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Emmy’s? Bookmark JD’s blog and you’ll be in the know, too.

How did I come to know about JD? When I was getting ready to move to SoCal, I was trying to figure out how to meet people in film and television. I was looking for GOOD networking opportunities. I was looking for a break, the inside track, and a good time.

Serendipitously, I stumbled on a flyer about the monthly Smoking Cocktail LGBT mixer JD hosts at the OBar in WeHo. It’s the third Wednesday of every month, come rain or shine or shooting schedules. So, I decided to attend. I was still living in Phoenix at the time but decided to chance the trek for one of JD’s mixers. Alec and Elisa graciously agreed to accompany me for the six-hour (each way) journey. When we got there, JD discovered we had just crossed the desert (in July) and didn’t know anyone. She hauled us around and introduced us to everyone. We met so many fun people. People on boards, people from studios, people who do indies, people who laugh and have a good time. It was soooo worth it.

As time has gone on, I’ve been to more mixers and more events. JD is always there with camera in hand. She fills the room with a good-natured, infectious throaty laugh that gets everybody going. There’s always a buzz around JD. She’s a committed filmmaker (doing God’s work, as she likes to say), an ardent activist, and a perpetual explosion of activity. As Jon Lovitz used to say, “Get to know her.” You’ll be glaad you did.

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