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Steve Buscemi Comes to TV

I have loved Steve Buscemi since seeing him as the hapless director in LIVING IN OBLIVION and the inimitable Mr. Pink inRESERVOIR DOGS. The guy is just amazing. Of course, FARGO was my all-time favorite Buscemi flick. So, it’s fun to read that he’s coming to TV. 600full-steve-buscemi

Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci and Wren Arthur, the trio behind Olive Prods., have set up their first TV projects: a drama at HBO starring Tucci and an animated comedy at TBS to be voiced by Tucci and Buscemi.

The projects stem from Olive's first-look deal with Lionsgate Television, which is on board to co-produce the shows. The untitled HBO project, written by SIX DEGREES co-creator Stu Zicherman, is a family drama with Tucci as a brilliant, one-time powerful politician struggling to rebuild his career and relationships with his family and friends after being brought down by a scandal.
Zicherman, Tucci, Buscemi and Arthur are executive producing.

GOOD AND EVEL is an animated family comedy for TBS from DARIA co-creator and THE COLBERT REPORT writer Glenn Eichler that revolves around twin brothers Jack Good and Bo Evel. Stolen by gypsy cab drivers at birth and taught how to behave and drive badly.


Pamela Jo Bowman and Cyndi Greening have been teaching 3D animation, filmmaking and media arts to individuals and groups at Phoenix Country Day School, Arizona State University, and Maricopa Community Colleges since 1989. They took a 14-member student crew to Zambia, Africa to make the first dramatic narrative feature film in that country and a documentary about the experience. Their students work in the the film industry, for graphic design firms, advertising agencies, print companies and game manufacturers. Their students are also use their skills to make personal histories and commemorative items for their families and friends.

Space is limited. To reserve your space in the class, call or send an email to Pamela Jo Bowman using the information below. Invite your friends and other Mac enthusiasts to participate in this valuable and useful class.


Email: pamelabowman2@cox.net OR cynematik@cox.net
Call: 480.577.6380 OR 602.740.1446

Time: 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Place: Val Vista Club house
Class limited to 20
Cost: only $30.00
CHANGED Date: Thursday, June 26

Your Macintosh or PC laptop
Your digital camera with photos
Cables for downloading
USB drive

Understand your Macintosh tools
Use your software more effectively
Find your files quickly
Back up your data and free up space

Download your images from your camera
Set the right resolution
Color correct your photographs
Get better skintones

Fix scratches and remove spots
Add contrast and snap
Insert or remove people

Make a movie and export
Make a slideshow and export
Add music

Animation Workshop


INTENSIVE Animation Class using Maya

Next week, I’ll be teaching an animation intensive for people who would like to learn Autodesk (formerly Alias) Maya, the leading software used by filmmakers, gamers and virtual reality modellers. By the end of the week, attendees will be able to model in all three types of geometry—polygons (typically used in gaming), NURBs (primarily for filmmaking) and Subdivision Surfaces (complex modeling). Emphasis is on real-world uses and applications of the software. If you have an interest or know someone who might want to take advantage of this opportunity, email CYNEMATIK at Cox dot Net.

Date: Monday, June 9 – Friday, June 16
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Place: Scottsdale
Laptop computer
3-Button Mouse (an absolute must)
Notebook, pencil, pen

Tentative Schedule

Day 1
Maya Interface, Tools and Menus
Model aircraft using polygon geometry
Apply surface color, texture and insignia
Keyframe animate flight path, Render movie

Day 2
Maya Channel Box and Attribute Editors
Model objects using NURBs
Revolve command to create chess pieces
Loft command to shape hills and mountains
Planar command to build log cabin
Apply surface materials & textures
Render stills

Day 3
Maya Hypergraph and Hypershader
car1.jpgBiRail command to build NURBs car
Apply surface color and insignia
Use path animation
Create background, Render

Day 4
Model creature using polygon geometry for gaming
Apply organic surface texture using Brush command
Create skeleton joints and rig creature
Walk cycle and Animate

Day 5
Dynamics in Maya
Build Rube Goldberg device
Animate using all methods
Render final movie

Jordan Animated at BYU

jordan001.jpgFormer animation student Jordan Pack, now a BYU graduate and married man, is finishing up his animated short film at BYU and graciously sent some stills and information on the film. Jordan was always an exceptional student and he continues with a mentorship by Pixar on the short, KITES. According to Jordan, the film is about Alex, a young boy who has to deal with the death of his grandfather. In a way, the grandpa comes back to soothe the boy and help him through his loss, sadness and frustration. The film is being made in Maya and Renderman, naturally. As I mentioned in an earlier email, Jordan is also working in the Disney gaming environment. Not too shabby, Jordan. Not too shabby at all.

jordan002.jpgIt has been a while since I put a shout out to AnimWatch. Always one of my favorite sites, AnimWatch keeps tabs on all the animated shorts that are in production out there. It’s a sweet site. You can read summaries, look at stills, concept art and, sometimes, animatics. It’s a great resource for animators. Speaking of good resources for animators, HighEnd 3D is one of the best for tutorials and shaders and such. Another of my very favorite sites for tutorials and DVDs is The Gnomon Workshop. And, for sheer joy of looking, be sure to visit Craig Mullins’ GOODBRUSH site.

Animation Friends and Students

Some fun emails recently. Former MCC Animation student, Jordan Pack is up at BYU finishing his program. A terrific and talented guy, Jordan updated me on his exciting adventures with Pixar and Disney.

jordanPack.jpgJordan says, “Animation life is also good. I work part time at Avalanche, Disney’s game studio in SLC, as a work builder (modeling, texturing, and game play set-up). I’m finishing producing a short animation mentored by Pixar. Two of my classmates/friends just got accepted as interns. So I am hopeful that there is an opportunity there for me, too.” Jordan has a second website with artwork and commentary. I’m expecting great things from Jordan.

Talk about a blast from the past! I grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Much of my family and some of my dear friends still live in that small town. Two young fellows from Chippewa decided to get into the film industry. Jason Behnke came to Arizona to attend Scottsdale Community College’s film program and ultimately went to LA where he now works as an editor. One of his good friends, Noah Arntson went to school in Florida and now lives in LA and does 3D work. Noah has also worked on live action films like the Jim Carey film, BRUCE ALMIGHTY. It was fun to get an email from him with a link to his portfolio.

Film Grants

movieMoney.jpgFirst, an apology for being so lax about blogging. I’m trying to get back in the swing and generate more information about independent films, independent filmmaking, animation and visual arts. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about Other People’s Money or, even better, filmmaking grants! If you’re looking for funding, you might want to start with this list!

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