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Coming Up For Air

priest_movie_posterHoly cow! I just looked at the date stamp for my last post and it was almost a month ago … how can that be? This is the problem with building websites for other people … you forget about your own cuz you’re always working on someone else’s. Our move to the coast took up a lot of time and energy. I’m just now starting to feel like this is home. Six weeks later. Geeeeeez.

Production started Monday on PRIEST, the film Alec is working on. His insane working schedule just got crazier. Last night he came home totally sunburned and clucking like a chicken. Apparently there were animal wranglers and chickens on set yesterday.

According to Fangoria and The Hollywood Reporter, Karl Urban has taken the lead villain’s role in PRIEST. He’ll take on the vampire-battling priest played by Paul Bettany, a sheriff portrayed by TWILIGHT’s Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q’s warrior priestess in the postapocalyptic scenario.

Directed by Scott Stewart from a script by Cory Goodman, PRIEST casts Urban as Black Hat. The New Zealand-born actor, recently seen as Dr. McCoy in STAR TREK. PRIEST is targeting an August 13, 2010 release date.

Where in the world is …

I am getting so much grief about not writing more often. I have been so crazy busy for the last few months, I have hardly had time to breathe much less write on the blog. Closing things up in Arizona, transitioning to California. Packing. Unpacking. It’s been stressful for both Alec and me. We spent the last six weeks in Arizona teaching gifted students in a summer program at Phoenix Country Day School. It was awesome. Two weeks of Maya 3D animation, two weeks of filmmaking and two more weeks of Maya.

priest_movie_posterThe most exciting thing last week was Alec getting a job at Sony (on the Visual Effects Production Staff, on the Sony lot!) working on the film PRIEST. According to the internet, the film was introduced and discussed at Comicon this last week. According to the website, they unveiled the poster which features Paul Bettany. Very cool poster. Back to the story of Alec. He interviewed on Monday and got a call on Tuesday. He started on Wednesday and he loves it, loves it, loves it. He works with the super talented, super amazing Jenny Fulle. He will learn soooo much. It’s looking like it will be about a one-year production position which extends from pre-production through production AND post production. What an education! What an opportunity! What a lucky guy! The funniest thing (in my opinion) is that his Sony ID has his photograph, his name and the film he’s working on … so his ID says, “Alec Hart, Priest” … this is hysterical for everyone who knows Alec.

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