Boston Research Party

We’re in New England, researching our own “CHATTY PILGRIMS” story. I wanted to come research in the dead of winter to fell more clearly what the Puritans endured during the less hospitable season. alecboston.jpg Anne Hutchinson was tried in November of 1637. She was found guilty and put under house arrest until March of 1638. At that point, she and approximately 70 of her friends, supporters and relatives packed their carts and started walking to their exile in Rhode Island. The goal of this research trip was to “feel” the environment, the weather, the atmosphere of the geographical location that is Boston’s Shawmut Peninsula. Tomorrow, we are following the path the Hutchinson party walked. We will be passing through Quincy, Braintree, Brockton, Taunton and finally arriving at Portsmouth. Since they actually left in March, our cinematographic journey is likely going to be less temperate than their journey but, given we’re in a Dodge Charger, we won’t be suffering too much.

Today, we went to THE OLD MEETING HOUSE which is now a museum in central Boston. It is an old Puritan Church, built in 1720. It has the high lecturn and stiff benches. Across the street is the property that formerly belonged to Anne Hutchinson. According to the plaque on the building, a fire in 1711 destroyed their home and a brick building was erected in the same location. We spent a great deal of time at THE BOSTON COMMONS trying to decide where they hanged Mary Dyer. Based on the written accounts, I tend to think it is up near The Old State House (since it is near the end of Court Street). Then we went down to the wharf to feel the brutal breeze off the harbor. Finally, we went to The North End of Boston to check out Paul Revere’s house and The Old North Church. Revere’s house was built in 1680 (just 20 years after they hanged Mary Dyer) but you couldn’t get near the building and you could photograph or video anything in the area. It was quite disappointing. Alec was quite vocal in his frustration.

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