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Distributing Your Indie Film

In the past six years, I’ve helped with the distribution of two indie docs and one indie feature. Over the years, we’ve developed a set of practices and resources that might help other indie filmmakers. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing what I know to help other indie filmmakers!

Here is my point of view:

In the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, there were 4,057 feature films submitted for consideration and 8,161 short films. Of those 12,217 submissions, there were only 119 features and 66 shorts that were actually accepted. Of the accepted 119 features, 45 were eventually picked up for distribution. So, if you are one of the 2.9% chosen for Sundance, you have a 38% chance for successful distribution. (Entertainment Media Partners and Cultural Weekly)

Other film festivals have their own set of statistics. some are easier to get into, some have lower distribution success. Overall, for the indie filmmaker, a RESPECTED film festival is still the best route (use WITHOUTABOX.COM and Chris Gore’s film festival guide book to maximize your chance of success. If you are unsuccessful on the festival route, we’ll be covering these other avenues.

Theatrical Distribution
Producer’s Rep
IMDb Pro
Film Festival Exhibition and Sale
Without A Box
Press Kit
Promo Reel

International Distribution
IMDb Pro
Original deal is all you will get

Video on Demand (VOD)
Muso for Torrent Takedowns

Theater on Demand (TOD)
Gathr, Tugg, Eventful, OpenIndie, Four-walling

Direct to DVD/BluRay
VES for production
Post Sales
Merchandise Incentive Sales
Shirts, Beanies, Hats, Swag

Ancillary Products
Soundtracks, Alternate Versions
TuneCore for Soundtrack Production

Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit
Wordpress Film Site
Promotional Items and Freebies
Wallpapers Stills

Financial Essentials
Authorize.Net for Order Processing and Banking
Formsite for Secure Ordering and Forms

Telluride Film Festival Underway

The 36th annual Telluride Film Festival has begun! The festival is always over Labor Day Weekend up the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. One of the most breathtakingly beautiful drives you’ll ever take (followed by an almost certain altitude headache for a few hours) puts you elbow to elbow with some of the most talented filmmakers working today.

One thing that is unusual (and, at times, irritating) is that they do NOT announce the festival program until the festival opens. So, you have no idea what (or who) you might be seeing at the festival until you’re actually there. Like Sundance, Telluride appeals to filmmakers because they can do business finchertffAND have a vacation in a gorgeous place at the same time. The Festival Program for Telluride was released today and you can download it now and see who you could have bumped into.

I am already distressed to see that David Fincher will be honored this year. There are typically three (3) Tributes at Telluride; special programs featuring the works of the honoree AND opportunities to hear them discussed how and why they made the films they did. I love Fincher and notice they’re showing the Director’s Cut of ZODIAC.

They’re also honoring film critic Richard Schickel. And they’ve expanded the animation section.

Labor Day Brings Telluride

tff34poster.jpgIt’s Labor Day Weekend and that means film aficionados are flocking to Telluride for the 34th Annual film Festival. In years past, I would have been made the challenging ride north on Friday. I always spent the first 24 hours with an altitude headache. Fortunately the smell of the pine forests, the crisp mountain air and the gaggle of excited filmgoers made it worth the effort. Telluride is a little odd in that they don’t announce the films until the festival begins so there is no frantic ticket buying ahead of time. One purchases a pass and simply choose films after reading the 34th Annual Telluride Film Festival Guide. It’s a stark contrast to Sundance.

Each year, there are three tributes to remarkable filmmakers. The tributes this year include actor Daniel Day Lewis, composer, arranger, pianist Michel Legrand and director Shyam Benegal. I always loved the panel discussions with tributees.

There are several films I love to see. Very high on the list would be Jon Krakauer’s tale of a trip into the Alaskan Wilderness that was adapted to become Sean Penn’s INTO THE WILD. After seeing Noah Baumbach’s THE SQUID AND THE WHALE at Sundance, I think it would be neat to see MARGOT AT THE WEDDING at Telluride. Margot is played by the luminous Nicole Kidman. To be honest, I never much likd Nicole Kidman films. I don’t know when she that shift occurred but now I really like her work. There are documentaries by Werner Herzog and Barbet Schroeder that I would love to see. Guess I’ll to what everyone else does, wait for them to come out in the theaters. Dang it.

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