The Black Panthers and the Second Amendment

“Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.”Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

Not quite my farm life in rural Wisconsin

Not quite my farm life in rural Wisconsin

As a writer, I find myself delving into all sorts of things I never imagined I would as a young girl growing up in rural Wisconsin. There were about 12,251 people in my hometown and not a single one of them was black. Not one. I don’t remember any brown people, either. While there were a few Asians (doctors and their families), the people of color were primarily Native American. And they were generally discussed derisively. Growing up gay in the upper Midwest was (and still is) challenging. It made me sensitive to what it means to be the other, the outsider.

The Civil Rights Movement, The AIDs Movement and the Women’s Movement were a big deal to me. I sang the Desiderata and Abraham, Martin and John at the top of my lungs. I marched. I chanted. I volunteered. I burned for the Apartheid Movement. As a child, I believed we were making the world a better place for everyone. So, it will probably be no surprise that the events in Ferguson and plethora of postings about the current state of the Civil Rights Blackslide has me distressed.

I’ve spent the last three years researching the Symbionese Liberation Army and the women at the heart of that tragic movement. During that research, I discovered that the Gun Rights Movement and Second Amendment Insanity is firmly rooted in the Black Panther Movement of the 1960′s. The Black Panthers on the Capitol StepsOn May 2, 1967, Black Panther leader Bobby Seale led 24 men and six (6) women carrying .357 Magnums, 12-gauge shotguns, and .45 caliber pistols to the state capitol in Sacramento. Citing an obscure state statute which made it legal to carry loaded weapons if the were not concealed, Seale said, “The time has come for black people to arm themselves against this terror before it is too late.” Decades of abuse at the hands of unchecked police brutality, the Panthers decided to take up arms.

The Pathers’ efforts provoked an immediate backlash. Republicans in California eagerly supported increased gun control. Big-Man-Elbert-Howard-Black-Panther-Party-founding-member-oakland-1968 Governor Reagan told reporters that afternoon that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” He called guns a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” California passed the Mulford Act prohibiting carrying loaded weapons but the spark had be ignited.

Founded on November 17, 1871, The National Rifle Association was primarily an organization for sportsmen and hunters until the Black Panther actions of the 60′s and early 70′s. In 1977, Wayne LaPierre joined the NRA and, over the next two decades, lobbied and catalyzed it into the overwhelmingly powerful organization that it is today.

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TRUE DETECTIVE Finale I Wanted to See

“We ain’t gonna get them all, that ain’t what kind of world it is, but we got ours.” — Detective Marty Hart

SPOILERS AHEAD … if you haven’t watched the finale of TRUE DETECTIVE, don’t read this.

If I had written the finale of TRUE DETECTIVE, it would have looked somewhat different from the episode we got. Most of the changes I would make are related to the resolution of the mystery. I think Pizzolatto got the relationships right. I liked the mending of the relationship between Marty and Rust. It was totally in line with the other episodes. I really liked how they now seem quite committed to one another (much more than Marty and Maggie ever were to each other), and I liked how they had grown and matured as a men and as detectives. There is very little of the relationships that I would change.

The mystery is a whole ‘nother story.

Ed Harrington Cartoon

Ed Harrington Cartoon

First off, I would not have killed off Billy Lee Tuttle. The audience really wants to see a confrontation between the worst bad guy and the hero(es). In fact, the bad guy is what determines how great your hero is. A really bad guy makes a really great hero(es). They are more noble, admirable, and more heroic for saving the world from a horrible nemesis. Billy Lee Tuttle was such a nemesis. A pillar of the community. A man of God. Political relatives. Billy Lee Tuttle was a evil man worthy of Rust and Cohle.

Contrast Errol, the scarred, house-painting, grass-mowing buffoon, living in the filth of his father’s house with his half-sister and lover. Errol was a revolting and horrific character but he wasn’t the powerful man who staged the rape and torture sacrifices of hundreds of women and children. He was a brute, to be certain, but not a pervasive evil force. Errol is a minion. He does the bidding of the powerful leaders and mops up the crumbs. He does not make Marty and Rust great detectives. He demeans them. Rust actually talked to him. And Marty found him with a silly photograph of a green house. Seriously. I know actual cases are solved by little clues like that but, if I wanted to watch that sort of story, I’d tune into the TruCrime channel. If I’m going to give 8 hours of my life to a series, it’s got to have more going on than a TruCrime Cold Case File.

So, I guess I’m really rewriting part of episode 7 and episode 8.

In the process of locating Miss Dolores, Rust and Marty discover Maggie’s mother worked at one of Billy Lee Tuttle’s schools. She worked there as a young single woman. Marty and Rust talk to here and she reveals that something felt off there and she left as soon as she could. She was so glad Jake proposed to her and got her out there. She says, “She saw a whole different kind of man there.” This would pay off the episode at the lake when Maggie and her Mother talk about whether or not all men are the same. I toyed with the idea of having Maggie be the product of a rape between Reverend Tuttle and her Mother. Did Jake know or didn’t he? Is the reason her Mother could love her Father because he wasn’t all about sex. And then the children are Tuttle grandchildren. Maybe have an early scene where Billy Lee shows an inappropriate interest in the girls, offers police detectives a scholarship to send their children to summer camp. Audrey’s doll drama and drawings and sexual promiscuity stem from an inappropriate camp experience that we never see. We only recall that back in episode two there was a Tuttle camp scholarship. I toyed with all of that and realized that I’d be tweaking several of the earlier episodes so I threw that idea over to try and limit my changes to (primarily) episode eight.

Time is a Flat Circle by Joshua Budich

Time is a Flat Circle by Joshua Budich

Okay, back to that idea. So, at the beginning of episode seven, Rust discovers Steve Geraci took the initial report on Marie Fotenot. This inspires Rust to steal the videotape from Billy Lee Tuttle’s other house. Billy Lee doesn’t even know Rust has it. Rust and Marty take the videotape to Steve Geraci and confront him. Geraci says that he took the report but he doesn’t know anything else about it. Rust and Marty tell them they have Geraci’s prints on the videotape. They’ll give it to the cops if Geraci says anything. Rust and Marty leave WITHOUT shooting up Geraci’s car. Sure enough, Geraci hotfoots out of there and heads straight to the former Sheriff Childress’s house. There’s a heated argument as Geraci and Childress rush to Billy Lee Tuttle’s church. (This is already improving for me because the police are in on it. They’re hiding clues. They’ve been burying evidence for years. No wonder Marty and Rust couldn’t get any traction. It was only by getting outside of the police structure that Rust could make any headway. First, he went to Alaska to try to and forget it all. He couldn’t so he came back to get to the bottom of everything.)

Okay, back to the detectives sitting outside the Church, waiting to follow Billy Lee, Childress and Geraci to wherever they’re going next. Now, we have three bright, powerful men who are ready to take out our heroes. Better. Our heroes have their work cut out for them. Suddenly, the Church goes dark and a Deacon comes out, re-locking the main gate behind him. Marty comes up to the Deacon, telling him he needs to see the reverend urgently. The Deacon said he and the others left a long time ago. Headed out of the rear gate. Damn! Marty and Rust are beside themselves. How could they let them slip away? Oh my God. Are they going to get away after all??

Cohle has a thought. He smacks his head and says they’re probably at Billy Lee Tuttle’s daddy’s house. Sam Tuttle is the patriarch. Sam Tuttle is the power. He asks Marty, “Wasn’t Sam Tuttle’s address on Miss Dolores tax statement?” They decide head to Sam Tuttle’s place. Shouldn’t we call Papania and Gilbough? On our wild goose chase? Are you kidding? If we’re wrong, it will send everyone underground. We can call them when we get there, if we’re right.

They arrive at Sam Tuttle’s and it’s all lit up. There are lots and lots of cars there. Expensive cars. Cars of the powerful and elite. Marty and Rust sneak up to the periphery and hear everyone arguing about what to do. Marty puts in a 911 call but before he can say anything, everything starts to come apart.

Billy Lee Tuttle is saying, “Everyone relax, the Lord will show us the way.” Steve Geraci is shouting and distraught. He is saying his prints are on the videotape. Bam. Billy Lee Tuttle shoots Geraci square in the chest. He smiles and says, “God be praised.” He tells several of the men to grab two young girls from caverns of Carcosa … the used girls … and take them to Steve Geraci’s place, along with his body. Make sure the girls are dead, too. He tells Errol and another acolyte to stage it right. The former Sheriff Childress and Steve Geraci’s friend says it’s over and points a gun at Reverend Tuttle. Errol rushes in to save him. Childress is about to shoot Errol.

The sound of the 911 operator catches someone’s attention and all eyes turn toward Marty and Rust. “Over there!” They flee into the bowels of Carcosa as “The Faithful” hunt them down. In Carcosa, they see several women and children held hostage (instead of just old clothes, shoes and sticks! See it really is important that Marty and Rust got back together to save them!). Mano-a-mano, the detectives struggle to stay alive. In the Carcosa caverns, a very confident Billy Lee Tuttle tells them he will never die. He has impregnated hundreds of women. Rejoice, there is no death. We will live on forever. In the same way that Rust talked about his philosophy in episodes one through three, Billy Lee Tuttle talks about the religious ecstasy of taking a woman for the first time, how that brings you into a perfect union with God because you are creating life (or taking a life in the case of the sacrifices), but it is pure … it is the soul crying out for union with the Lord. We understand Billy Lee as clearly as we understand Rust.

We hear sirens in the distance. Cars are trying to leave before the law arrives. Finally, it’s only Billy Lee, Sam and Errol. Errol grabs Rust and holds a knife to his throat. “What should I do, Daddy?” Errol asks. “Kill him! Save the family!” Billy Lee Tuttle says. A shot rings out. Marty has the perfect kill shot. Errol is dead. Billy Lee runs to Errol as Papania, Gilbough and everyone else converge in Carcosa. We know many of the men got away. But they got some.

Half-dead, Rust says he was willing to die. Marty says, “What kind of asshole are you thinking of leaving me with that kind of debt?” or something witty. Women and children are carried from the ruins. Then we have the hospital sequence.

And, if we did the thing where Maggie’s mother was raped and Maggie was maybe a Tuttle and maybe the girls went to a Tuttle Summer Camp — we discover it was Maggie’s father who staged the crime scene. When they found out that Maggie had sent the girls to the Tuttle Summer Camp, Maggie’s mother told her husband about what had happened. He had gone to Carcosa and taken one of the deceased girls (Dora Lange) and staged her in the cane field to bring down the Tuttles without endangering his family. But Marty’s sexual problems and hair-trigger temper with Reggie LeDoux derailed the investigation, much to his former father-in-law’s horror. But, as I said, I let that idea go, so don’t beat me up too much for that one.

That’s what I wanted to see. Something like that. Something compelling and huge. Something worth their effort and my time.

Doubting Thomas of TRUE DETECTIVE

“We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, this accretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody when, in fact, everybody’s nobody.” — Detective Rustin Cohle

“I wouldn’t go around spouting that shit, I was you. People around here don’t think that way.” — Detective Martin Hart

Saturn Devouring His Son

Saturn Devouring His Son

About 15 minutes into the first episode of TRUE DETECTIVE, Rust and Marty have an exchange that revealed the core difference in the values of the detectives and the locals. Like most everyone else, I thought this exchange was setting up the driving force of the series. We have Rust espousing that he thinks none of us are special but he dedicates his life to catching and punishing those who actually act on that philosophy. The people who treat others like they are nothing, who use and abuse them for their own sick pleasures, those who live with a total disregard for the value of others, THOSE are the people Rust (and Marty) spend their lives trying to capture. In episode 7, Rust says, “Be careful what you get good at.” They both got good at collecting debts. But those debts are only owed if each life is valuable, if each life is *not* nothing.

So, in the sixth episode, when we were introduced to Telios de Lorca, I hoped that Pizzolatto was setting up the competing value systems and the big reveal. To me, Telios de Lorca signaled that there was a group who used mysticism and the compulsion of ecstasy to justify their kidnapping, raping, and murder of women and children. Dozens, if not hundreds, of women and children. A group would have to have a powerful and compelling belief in a Supreme Deity and their Supreme Right to use these women and children in any manner they saw fit. This need for ecstasy was coupled with the connection to Garcia Lorca and his explanation of the “dark soul” that arises and makes you act and create in unimaginable ways. We always hope that the uncontrollable inner drive is for good but, as we all know, that hidden soul can create serials killers and ritual abusers, too.

In the case of TRUE DETECTIVE, it appeared that Pizzolatto put Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle and his cousin (Governor then Senator) Eddie Tuttle in the group committing compulsive, dark crimes. I could easily imagine Billy Lee Tuttle arguing that their cause was just because God had put him in a position to set up all these schools that provided the many sacrificial lambs the group required. I could imagine Eddie Tuttle arguing that his high political position was proof that they were God’s chosen ones. And Miss Dolores told us to “Rejoice” because Death was not the end. She knew Carcosa and thought it brought divinity.

Criminal Mastermind Errol

Criminal Mastermind Errol

It was perfect. The argument between those who use the disenfranchised and those who protect them. The collision of the righteous and the right. I was delighted. Delighted, I tell you. And, I believed Pizzolatto to be the new Messiah of series television.

And then I watched the last to episodes. I had my “come-to-Jesus” moment and it was a savage, abrupt, and brutal loss of faith. I languished in the pits of hell for most of Monday, wailing and gnashing my teeth. It was not a pretty sight. I felt like SATURN DEVOURING HIS CHILDREN (painting above by Goya, created late in his life when he was surely going mad, yet still compelled to create art). I wanted to chew up and spit out TRUE DETECTIVE. I mean, seriously, I am supposed to believe that Errol was the criminal genius who was at the heart of this madness?!? Clearly, the mad fool was me!

I read Pizzolatto had given an interview about Season Two. He said, “I am still fleshing it out. The basic idea: Hard women, bad men, and the secret occult history of the U.S. transportation system.” Sadly, I am the Doubting Thomas of TRUE DETECTIVE now. I do not believe Season Two will deliver a truly satisfying story. Oh, there will be great characters (women this time) and a flashy bunch of chatter that suggests there are dark forces at play. The first half will be brilliant but the second half will wither like the penis on a devout priest. In the final episode, after chasing a giant conspiracy, there’ll be ONE LONE metro driver, standing on an underground track, spewing nonsense while the girls blow him away.

I am the fallen apostle. I am the Doubting Thomas of TRUE DETECTIVE.

Finally … Crosshairs in TRUE DETECTIVE Finale Preview

“It’s been weeks since I left my mark. Would that they had eyes to see…… This is Carcosa. Take off your mask.” – Perhaps The King in Yellow

“He’s going to come for you. He’s worse than anybody.”
— Terrified woman resembling Maggie’s Mother

In The Crosshairs

Is it Marty or Geraci in the crosshairs?
And notice the masked and costumed fellow sneaking off to the right of the screen

The HBO Finale Preview finally has the crosshairs I’ve been seeing in the opening credits. There’s a long-haired, old man in camo shooting from high ground. I sure am not seeing Maggie or her family. Just looks like Errol’s sort of folk defending some hillbilly farm. Only three more hours to wait. I wonder what I’ll do with myself next week.

Storm Coming on TRUE DETECTIVE

“You know Carcosa? … Him who eats time. Him robes… it’s a wind of invisible voices… Rejoice. Death is not the end.” – Miss Dolores, Sam Tuttles former domestic

There’s a storm coming tonight on TRUE DETECTIVE. Miss Dolores’ wind if invisible voices is going to make himself known. Like most of the TD devotees, I’m re-watching all of the episodes to prepare for the finale. I don’t know how I keep noticing new things but I do!

In Episode One, I watched Danny Fotenot interview more closely and I swear you can hear him say, very clearly, “DIDN’T,” when Marty says he heard Marie Fotenot left with her birth Daddy. Am I hearing things? I don’t think so.

In Episode Two, Dora Lange’s mother says she gets “these storms in her head.” She wails and clutches her head, unable to answer any questions about Her daughter. She says it’s the years in dry cleaning that ruined her ravaged hands and her head.

I’m in The camp with the rest if you who think it may be chemical punishment from The Yellow King to anyone who might have wanted to reveal the truth about what happened to their loved ones. I also thought that Dora’s mother’s hands might have been chemically damaged while cleaning “every trace of evidence from her daughter’s body,” before it was posed in the woods.

The family complicity of the power elite like the Tuttle’s, et. al., may be contrasted with the burden of the disenfranchised families on the Bayou.

True Detecting Maggie …

“I think Rust knew EXACTLY what Maggie was doing there. Do you know why Maggie was there? I do. If you say, to put the final nail in the coffin that was her marriage, I’d say you are correct…but only on the most obvious and superficial level.” — IndyPat

Maggie – Michelle Monaghan

TRUE DETECTIVE episode 3: Michelle Monaghan. photo: Michele K. Short

So, I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with IndyPat about the significance of the symbols, the books, and Maggie’s role in TRUE DETECTIVE. I can say that it was IndyPat who “spoiled” Maggie for me. I was really liking her. I thought she was kind to rust and seemed to pay attention. She had a hound dog for a husband. I was a smitten kitten. And, then, IndyPat shattered my infatuation. I’m posting some of his most compelling Maggie arguments for your consideration!

#1 — MAGGIE IS A MOLE AND RUST’S MINDER — Was the fact that it smashed Marty & Rust’s relationship “unintended” fallout of her nuclear option? I don’t think all. I think that was the prime motive. She was sick of being Marty’s “minder” for the conspirators she is most certainly in cahoots with. No one…any where I go on this topic, seems to question how Marty just “happens” to meet the under age prostitute he made his down payment on way back when. He was carrying what I guess was a T Mobile ad and a shopping (honey-do) list with him as he got out of the car that day. This new, on the wagon Marty…this emasculated Marty…on his Tampon buying excursion. Maggie! Maggie made him the list…Tampons and a new cell phone. Here is the list..I think she knew, through here nameless co-conspirators, where Marty was to go to meet his new “minder”. One he could not possibly resist. It’s all there. The writer of the show said in an interview that the series is not trying to trick you. It’s all there in the first 6 episodes, if you let yourself look. Maggie…is as much as a mole as the police (excluding Marty, the clueless dupe in this tale, that willfully ignores,what is transporting right under his sizable nose) that Rust is surrounded by. He helped Maggie set off her nuke because he realized that his role as overt detective at LA CID had exhausted its usefulness in pursuit of the case. So blow it to hell and see how the other players act in the fall out and go “off grid”. So…Maggie and the teensiest bop prostitute are Tuttle WellSpring Program Alumni, in my read.”

#2 — MAGGIE COACHES THE GIRLS — Anyone who thinks Maggie is a victim in this, isn’t paying attention. When the fuck are we going to really discuss 5 GI Joes surrounding a naked Barbie? When are we really going to discuss the 7 yr old girls sketch version of the Kama Suthra? Maggie makes only a half-assed attempt at getting to the bottom of it. What mom do you know wouldn’t hit the roof over those two issues? Marty? A cop…shrugging it off? Glaringly obvious signs of adolescent sexualization and it just falls to the wayside like she got caught smoking a cigarette or something. I challenge anyone to watch re-watch the scene of Marty, Maggie and the daughter on the couch discussing the drawing. Ignore Marty, because he obviously has less important things to be doing, like watching sports. Pay attention to what the little girl is saying, how she is saying it and most important…pay attention to the eye contact between mother and daughter,

Maggie and Marty Confront Audrey

Maggie and Marty Confront Audrey about her drawings. Maggie says, “It makes something that is supposed to be nice – ugly.” Notice how yellow the scene.

If the child’s dialog about the drawings wasn’t coached directly from Maggie, I’ll kiss your ass. It’s right there…the girls eyes say “am I saying this right, mommy” and Maggie’s eyes say “yes, your doing fine, honey..keep going just like we talked about and don’t forget to cry at the end of it” Amazing acting. It’s there if you’ll look. Maggie…ain’t what she seems. Maggie is no victim. When she rides Marty about being absent, it’s not that she wants to be with him, it’s that she doesn’t want him on the case. She hates Marty. She is his “minder” for someone else. Marty’s mistress is the same…all she ever does is pump him for info on the case…after she pumps him for real. Ditto Beth, our under age prostitute who arrives out of the blue. Just some eye candy that Marty can’t resist. If he’s not giving Maggie info anymore, someone has to be his new minder for pillow talk on the case. Who arranged that? Why did Marty need a new phone? Maybe it was on the shopping list along with the tampons. Maggie directed Marty to his new minder. Maggie checked the phone to see is he took the bait. Did she seem really mad to you? Nah, she was glad she was that much closer to not have to watch Marty any more. She’s no victim. She uses her body to bust up Marty and Rust with the added benefit of shutting down the investigation and deep-sixing her marriage, all in 10 hot seconds. That pretty much makes the other mistress/minders pikers, by comparison, also note Beth’s dialog outside the bar that ends with her asking him if he wants to go in for some bourbon. Compare that to Rusts interrogation with the first scar faced suspect. Some tact used. You can even note on Marty’s face…a look that suggests..”where have I heard that before”….but it worked on him nonetheless.

Rust's Case Place

Rust’s Case Place

#3 — OUR MISOGYNY AS AN AUDIENCE ASSUMING THE WOMEN ARE NOT INVOLVED — Could be that the ultimate misogyny indictment of us all may be that we’ve been looking for a brutal and evil Yellow King only to find it was a subtle, yet extremely powerful Queen that ruled Carcosa. Just spit balling here, but I’m no misogynist and I know women can be just as powerful as men and just as brutal. There are women involved on the dark team in this. They aren’t puppets or toadies. They are actively working, watching, controlling and manipulating things for some end. I watched the scene again with Marty and Maggie talking to the young daughter about the pictures she drew. Watch it again. Ignore Marty completely (it’s easy to do). What do you see? The eye contact between mom and daughter says that the entire exchange was coached by Maggie. The daughters eyes say “am I saying it right?” Moms eyes say “yes, keep going….and don’t forget to cry at the end to shut the whole thing down”. So subtle. That’s some serious acting right there. Amazing. Marty is in for a shock so tremendous that I doubt seriously if there will be anything left of him. Underneath every thing he has ignored and taken for granted, horrible things have grown. All the while, Rust bears witness. And I am noticing Roses (Maggie’s dresses and the rose bushes around her parents house) more often too. Now ready to add one more Secret Society to my list of suspects. Chew on that one. Complete with Magi link right there on the home page.

Remember Rust’s early statement that Dora Lange was just “chum in the water.”

The Yellow King Began with Mardi Gras

The more I read about the history of Mardi Gras and winter festivals, the more convinced I am that I never want to live in Louisiana! Here are a couple of photos purported to be from Instagram accounts from the TRUE DETECTIVE crew. If this is The Yellow King, I hope Cary Fukunaga gives a visual horror of what this would look like coming at you!

Dora Lange's Mother's Photo

Dora Lange’s Mother’s Photo

The Yellow King with Mask

This photo from Instagram of what may be the Yellow King looks more comical than terrifying …

TRUE DETECTIVE: No Wonder We’re Confused

No wonder we’re all going crazy trying to figure this out! Another interesting catch from BABY_MIKE on REDDIT. Actor Christopher Berry is playing both Danny Fotenot and Guy Francis.

Berry is Fotenot and Francis

Actor Christopher Berry is Danny Fotenot and Guy Francis

TRUE DETECTIVE: Is Maggie’s Mother Involved?

“He’s going to come for you. He’s worse than anybody.” — Woman, maybe Maggie’s Mother, cowering in the HBO preview to the finale

Total HatTip to KOZIS123 for the photo on the REDDIT TRUE DETECTIVE thread. Is the woman shown cowering in the corner in the preview for the final episode Maggie’s Mother?

Maggie's Mother

Is the woman cowering in the corner Maggie’s Mother?

The True Horror of TRUE DETECTIVE

“Her body is a paraphilic love map. I guarantee you, this wasn’t his first.” — Detective Rustin Cohle at the scene of the 1995 murder of Dora Lange (notice the word CARCOSA in what appears to be blood to the left of the skeleton in the bed in the photograph below)

Welcome to Carcosa

Welcome to Carcosa and Rejoice
Where Him who eats time shows us that Death is not the end.

Early in Episode 1 of TRUE DETECTIVE, Rust tells us that the Dora Lange murder scene was a “Paraphilic Lovemap.” Rust tells Papania and Gilbough that he had to explain that to Marty. The list a paraphilias is extensive. I had no idea there were such things as Dendophilia (sexual arousal with trees), Agalmatophilia (sexual arousal and interest in mannequins, statues or immobility), or Oculolinctus (sexual arousal from licking eyeballs). Necrophilia (dead), pedophilia (children), autoeroticism (sexual asphyxia), piquerism (stabbing or pricking) and frotteurism (rubbing) have all be prominently featured in tv and film, so those were not a surprise. The length of the list was the surprise.

I had never heard of a lovemap prior to this series. (Oh the things I have learned because of TRUE DETECTIVE!). Anyway, the idea of a “lovemap” was first defined in 1980 by John Money, a psychologist, sexologist and author who specialized in sexual identity, biology of gender and sex-reassignment. Money defined a Paraphilic Lovemap as a prediliction when lust is attached to fantasies and practices that are socially forbidden, disapproved, ridiculed, or penalized; sometimes as the result of residual imprinted memories from certain traumatic or unusual episodes from early childhood, or sometimes the result of various physiological anomalies. Money viewed lovemaps as a “triumph” but further research by the U.S. National Institute of Health suggested they were an insistent, preemptively motivated, but ultimately unsuccessful attempts at recovery from sexual degradation. In layman’s terms, the abused becomes the abuser.

Maggie is a White Star

Maggie is a White Star

Given how the story is unfolding with the history of the Tuttle Family, it appears that the “imprinted memories” from certain traumatic episodes from early childhood with an insistent attempt at recovery from sexual degradation is definitely in play.

Several of the REDDIT threads are lamenting that the beginning of the series makes it seem that something supernatural is going on but that it appears that it’s just an average detective show with a “violent, sadistic cult perpetrated by a powerful group.” What is horrifying about TRUE DETECTIVE is that this is “ordinary” and “run of the mill” and “predictable.” Is this sort of multi-generationl, sadistic, paraphilic, sexual abuse cult really that common??

In my digging, I found Ritual Abuse Survivor Website (a site blacklisted by Wikipedia because of the graphic descriptions of rituals), there is a post that is said to be the Story of a Survivor of a Multi-generational Sadistic, Sexual Cult. The description is right out of the TRUE DETECTIVE environment.

The “Survivor” on the site said, “Primary meeting times within the “people” were/are the equinoxes, solstices, moon cycles, planting, harvest and almost all members are agrarians. Ranchers, farmers, farm equipment dealers, veterinarians, forest managers, etc, are interspersed throughout society. When an organization wishes to be secretive, where better than in the middle of thousands of acres of privately owned land, government lands.” This made the whole Mardi Gras, winter celebration, Saturnalia, Lupacanalia, Voudun connection a natural link and location for the show.

The “Survivor” went on to say, “From the age of eight until I was twelve I was used as a sex slave by the people. I was sold by the hour or by the act. My sister and I were photographed having sex together and movies were made. Every person in the people goes through this “tendering” process. Most of my female parts were made during these years, although a few were made by the people for the people. It’s easier for me to speak about the conditioning and violent practices, than the sexual abuse as the latter shattered my psyche.”

The most horrifying thing about TRUE DETECTIVE for me as that this may be more prevalent and real than I had ever thought. The saddest thing is that it is ordinary, boring and predictable. I would rather believe it is only real in TV. Or do we simply accept that Man is the Cruelest Animal?

The King in Yellow

Today is Mardi Gras and The King in Yellow, The Rex, is none other than filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. I am certain it’s a coincidence but it is quite amusing to me, nonetheless. The filmmaker who is often criticized for glorifying violence and being a misogynist at heart is ruling over all of the merriment and debauchery that is Mardi Gras! Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Remember, then we get on with the suffering, deprivation, and denial that is better known as Lent!

Quentin Tarantino is The King in Yellow

Quentin Tarantino is The King in Yellow for Mardi Gras 2014

Sam Tuttle Only Wants Virgins on TRUE DETECTIVE

“He didn’t like a woman– See, once she had it done to her, he didn’t like them but that one time. Not after that.” — Miss Delores, former domestic for Sam Tuttle

Marie Fotenot Sacrificed

Marie Fotenot in antler crown is terrorized and abused by men in animal masks.

We finally got to see what happened to Marie Fotenot and it wasn’t good. It’s looking like Sam Tuttle had an insatiable desire for young virgins and he had a who pack of men to help him hunt down, adorn, and discard his little trophies. It’s so hard to watch the grainy video shots of the blindfolded little girl in the antler crown as she is seated on the throne. I keep reminding myself it’s only a film and, at the same time, I remember there are people out there who do things like this and much worse. The final reveal on TRUE DETECTIVE seems to be dark multi-generational Tuttle family practices.

Ironic (or perhaps not) that this week was Mardi Gras in New Orleans today. People often forget that Fat Tuesday is actually the beginning of Lent, the 40-day period of deprivation and suffering leading to the resurrection of Christ. In New Orleans, Mardi Gras began in 1856 although it was outlawed for a time because the KKK’s use of the Capuchon (pointy hat) in their terrorizing raids got to be a bit of a problem. So, the Krewes had to petition to get the full festivities of Mardi Gras reinstated including the selection of the REX, the king in the yellow crown who reigns over the parade.

Rust pointed out that Mardi Gras has its roots in Saturnalia, Lupercalia, and Voudun

Vodun cosmology centers around the vodun spirits and other elements of divine essence that govern the Earth, a hierarchy that range in power from major deities governing the forces of nature and human society to the spirits of individual streams, trees, and rocks, as well as dozens of ethnic vodun, defenders of a certain clan, tribe, or nation. More nature worship legitimizing whatever the Tuttles want to do to little girls, little boys, and women. After all, it is in their dark nature and it is these beautiful creations of divine goodness that they are craving.

Saturnalia is another ancient Roman festival honoring Saturn. It was celebrated with a sacrifice at the altar of Saturn and the fesitival’s King of Misrule would lord over the carnival celebration ordering people to do whatever hideous thing struck his fancy. According to our friends at Wikipedia, the Saturnalia reflects the contradictory nature of the deity Saturn himself: “there are joyful and utopian aspects of careless well-being side by side with disquieting elements of threat and danger.” Occurring at the end of the calendar year, in winter, the joyful gift-giving component of Saturnalia led to Christmas as we know it today. What a gift!

Lupercalia was a festival to avert evil spirits and purify the city releasing health and fertility. Back in the days when the survival of the species was not a given, when many children did not live to see adulthood and many women died in childbirth, fertility was the hot-button issue. Every king needed to ensure the continuity of his family line. In many parts of the world, survivability is still a daily concern. Here, it is not, so fertility rites and men sowing their seed as widely as they can seems to be a perversion beyond reason and certainly is outside of my comprehension.

Tuttle Family Tree from JOEMAMA19 on Reddit


Tuttle Family Tree

Tuttle Family Tree from joemamma19 on Reddit


00:38:46,317 –> 00:38:48,316
[Coughing] You know Carcosa?” —

Miss Delores, former domestic for Sam Tuttle

Miss Delores Knows Carcosa

Miss Delores knows Carcosa and tells Rust to rejoice because Death is not the end.

My TRUE DETECTIVE insanity has reached a new level and, I should be taking Fi’s admonition to Rust, I should be afraid. I have now taken to looking for SRT text files (subtitles) for each episode so I can make certain I am getting every word right. When Miss Delores was speaking in this episode, she says much of her dialog off-camera, so I couldn’t see for sure what she was saying.

The format above is how subtitle files are made (something I very recently learned how to do for subtitling a film I’ve been working on). Each entry has an identifying number, the duration based on the timecode, and the dialogue or description. This week, it amused me to notice that entry 666 was Miss Delores asking Rust and Cohle if they knew Carcosa.

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